At Wederz, we strive to facilitate transparent and trustworthy transactions between buyers and sellers. To ensure clarity regarding guarantees and warranties for products or services listed on our platform, please review the following policy:

1. Warranty Responsibility:

   – Wederz serves as an intermediary platform connecting buyers and sellers, and does not directly provide any warranties or guarantees for the products or services listed.

   – The responsibility for offering warranties lies solely with the individual sellers.

2. Seller’s Warranty Information:

   – Each seller on Wederz is responsible for clearly stating any warranties or guarantees offered on their listings.

   – Sellers should provide accurate and detailed information regarding the duration, coverage, and terms of their warranties.

3. Communication with Sellers:

   – Buyers should contact the sellers through the provided contact information on the listing to discuss warranty-related inquiries or concerns.

   – It is advisable to communicate with sellers prior to making a purchase to obtain clear information about the warranty terms and conditions.

4. Seller’s Obligation:

   – Sellers are responsible for fulfilling the warranty obligations they have stated on their listings.

   – It is the seller’s duty to address any warranty claims promptly and in accordance with the terms specified in their listing.

5. Dispute Resolution:

   – In the event of a dispute or disagreement between the buyer and seller regarding warranty claims, Wederz will not mediate or arbitrate the matter.

   – It is the buyer’s and seller’s responsibility to resolve any warranty-related disputes directly between themselves.

6. Buyer Protection:

   – While Wederz does not provide warranties, we value the satisfaction and trust of our users.

   – If a buyer encounters a seller who consistently fails to honor their stated warranty terms or engages in deceptive practices, we encourage the buyer to report the issue to our customer support team for investigation.

Please note that the policies mentioned above serve as general guidelines, and the specific warranty terms and conditions may vary depending on the individual sellers on Wederz. Buyers are advised to carefully review the seller’s warranty information before making a purchase and communicate directly with the sellers for any warranty-related inquiries or concerns.

For further assistance or any questions, please contact our customer support team at

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