At Wederz, we provide a platform for sellers to list their products or services. As a facilitator of these transactions, we want to ensure transparency and clear communication between buyers and sellers regarding return and refund requests. Please note the following policy regarding returns and refunds:

1. Return and Refund Responsibility:

   – Wederz acts as an intermediary platform and does not directly sell any products or services.

   – As a result, the return and refund policy is determined and managed by the individual sellers who list their items on our website.

   – Buyers should initiate return and refund requests directly with the respective sellers from whom they made the purchase.

2. Communication with Sellers:

   – Buyers should contact the sellers through the provided contact information on the listing to discuss any concerns, including returns or refunds.

   – It is advisable to communicate with sellers in a timely manner after receiving the purchased item or service to address any issues promptly.

3. Seller’s Return and Refund Policies:

   – Each seller on Wederz may have their own unique return and refund policies.

   – Sellers are responsible for clearly stating their return and refund policies on their listings.

   – Buyers are encouraged to review the seller’s policies before making a purchase to understand their rights and responsibilities.

4. Dispute Resolution:

   – In the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller regarding returns or refunds, Wederz will not mediate or arbitrate the matter.

   – It is the buyer’s and seller’s responsibility to resolve any disputes directly between themselves.

5. Buyer Protection:

   – While Wederz does not offer a specific return and refund policy, we value the satisfaction and trust of our users.

   – If a buyer encounters a seller who consistently fails to uphold their stated return and refund policies or engages in fraudulent activities, we encourage the buyer to report the issue to our customer support team for investigation.

Please note that the policies mentioned above are general guidelines and may vary depending on the individual sellers on Wederz. It is important for buyers to review the seller’s return and refund policies before making a purchase and communicate directly with the sellers for any related inquiries or concerns. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please contact our customer support team at

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