Congratulations on choosing Wederz Classified as a platform to earn through selling products and services! To help you maximize your earning potential, we have established the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs):

1. Registration and Profile Setup:

   a. Create an account on Wederz by providing accurate and up-to-date information.

   b. Complete your profile, including a detailed description of your business, products, or services, and upload high-quality images or videos.

2. Listing Creation:

   a. Utilize the provided listing creation tools to add your products or services.

   b. Write compelling and informative descriptions that accurately represent your offerings.

   c. Include relevant details such as pricing, specifications, dimensions, and any applicable warranties or guarantees.

   d. Upload clear and visually appealing images or videos to showcase your products or services.

3. Competitive Pricing:

   a. Research and analyze the market to determine competitive pricing for your products or services.

   b. Set reasonable prices that reflect the value you provide while remaining attractive to potential buyers.

4. Timely Communication:

   a. Respond promptly to inquiries, messages, or purchase requests from potential buyers.

   b. Provide clear and accurate information regarding product availability, shipping options, and any other relevant details.

5. Fulfillment and Shipping:

   a. Process orders efficiently and within the specified time frame.

   b. Ensure proper packaging to protect the products during shipping.

   c. Offer reliable shipping methods and provide tracking information to buyers.

   d. Address any issues related to shipping delays, damages, or lost items promptly and professionally.

6. Customer Service:

   a. Provide excellent customer service to enhance buyer satisfaction.

   b. Address any buyer concerns or complaints promptly and professionally.

   c. Strive to resolve any disputes amicably and in accordance with our policies.

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