Slimming Drink Detox Oral Liquid For Weight Loss




Product Name

Detox oral liquid


Liquid drink


Tamarind pulp, green tea, artichoke, Dandelion



Bottle size

15ml (7.5cm height * φ2.1cm)


Shelf life

2 years, subject to store condition.


Store in sealed containers and keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct light and heat.

Suggested temperature:18°C ~ 26°C,Humidity:45% ~ 65%.

Main Functions

For Liver, colon health.


– Concentrated apple & grape juice, help the digestive system and may reduce flatulence

– Dandelion dry extract & Artichoke dry extract , help the liver system, may lose fat and help intestinal peristalsis

– Birch dry extract & Meadowsweet dry extract, detox, and may eliminate edema                                                                                                                      -Burdock dry extract & Wild pansy dry extract, help to lighten stains

-Tamarind pulp , help intestinal peristalsis and laxative                                     -Green tea extract, help Deceleration of cell aging and may help skin luster and elasticity

Daily taken

One bottle (15ml) per day. Can drink directly or mix with 1L ~1.5L water for a drink. 

Label size:

W*H: 5.7cm*4.8cm.


GMP, BRC, ISO, Halal


Slimming Drink Detox Oral Liquid For Weight Loss


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