Yamazaki Home 3-Tier Accessory Tray-Jewelry Holder & Storage Organizer Steel, One Size, Black

Yamazaki Home 3-Tier Accessory Tray-Jewelry Holder & Storage Organizer Steel, One Size, Black
Jewelry Accessories
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AUTHENTICITY: All our products are designed by our in-house team in our headquarters in Nara, Japan. To ensure the authenticity of our products, we recommend purchasing from these sellers: Yamazaki Home, Amazon.com, Red Cat, Sportique, or Sunrise Image. There are no other authorized resellers on Amazon.
3-TIER ACCESSORY STAND: Use this accessory tray in your home to keep jewelry items like bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, rings, glasses, and other small accessories. Place in the bedroom or bathroom to stay organized.
OPEN DESIGN: This simple, beautiful jewelry and accessory stand has three levels to hold jewelry and accessories of different shapes and sizes. Its design is compact, easy to use, and effortlessly complements any dresser or bathroom sink.
SPACE SAVER: The accessory rack will keep your dressers and tables organized in your bathroom or bedroom. Its clean design helps prevent your jewelry from tangling and keeps everything easily accessible.
MATERIALS + CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The frame is made from powder-coated steel. It has a slightly textured surface. Easy to clean with a touch of light soap and a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: This product is 6.18 x 9.72 x 10.12 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 2.03 pounds.
COLLECTION: Our Tower collection features clean lines and modern designs. This expansive line of functional home goods is available in black and white, enabling the line to fit seamlessly into any modern home. The simple aesthetic is occasionally paired with a warm, wooden accent. Most of our Tower line is made from steel and has a matte or textured finish.
BRAND: Inspired by “small-space living” in Japan, Yamazaki creates truly unique, ultramodern products that are mindfully designed to make incremental improvements throughout the home and elevate quality of life. Yamazaki. Home, simplified.

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