Rubbermaid Roughneck Clear

Rubbermaid Roughneck Clear Rubbermaid Roughneck Clear
Shipping: Local
Condition: New
Delivery Time: 1 Week
Warranty: 3 Years

MID TO LONG-TERM STORAGE: Perfect for attics, basements and garage storage where temperatures may fluctuate from hot to cold. Equipped with an audible snap-tight lid to ensure your items are protected from dust and pests. Built in handles make these totes easy to carry. Clear base makes locating and accessing belongings easier.
HEAVY DUTY: Break-Resistant Material with the strength and durability of a Roughneck tote, these clear totes will not crack or buckle. 2X Stronger than other clear totes and designed to withstand harsh temperatures 0 – 115° F.
STACKABLE: Perfect for maximizing any space. The Rubbermaid recessed lid is constructed to ensure stability and allow storage bins to stack securely for ease of moving, efficient use of space, traveling and more.
SUSTAINABLE: Totes and lids are washable for simple maintenance and repeated use. Feel good about doing your part reducing waste in your community, landfills and our oceans.
LIFE-TIME WARRANTY: These containers are Made in the USA. Built To Last.

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