Equator 110V 9000 BTU Outdoor Heater 3-in

Equator 110V 9000 BTU Outdoor Heater 3-in Equator 110V 9000 BTU Outdoor Heater 3-in Equator 110V 9000 BTU Outdoor Heater 3-in
Shipping: Local
Condition: New
Delivery Time: 1 Week
Warranty: 3 Years

Low Noise Operates quietly throughout the day and night. Built-In Compressor Enjoy powerful, energy efficient operation. Freestanding No tools or installation required. Weatherized Able to withstand a wide temperature range, rain, and snow.
Power-Off Memory Automatically re-starts at your selected setting after power failures. One Air Outlet Setup is ultra simple thanks to its convenient design. IP24 Rated Waterproof Never worry about water damage. Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion Coating Built to withstand the elements for years to come.
On/Off Switch Easily turn the OAC 3000 on and off. Universal Wheels Effortlessly maintain and replace wheels as needed. Removable Water Tank Cleaning is simple thanks to the removable water tank.
Operates in temperatures between 23°F to 131°F The OAC 3000 is built is withstand a wide temperature range. Easy-to-Clean Filter Gently rinse the reusable air filter and continue breathing fresh, clean air.

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